8th to 12th August 2016, Berlin, Germany

Welcome to the WC2 2016 Summer Symposium

The Technische Universität Berlin is delighted to host the second annual WC2 Summer Symposium in Berlin from August 8-12, 2016. The WC2 network was established in September 2010 by City University London and currently has 11 member institutions. The WC2 Network has been developed with the goal of bringing together top universities located in the heart of major world cities to address culture, environment and political issues of common interest to world cities. The Symposium is open to faculty and postgraduate students at WC2 Universities.

Symposium Theme

Universities as Urban Actors: Towards the New Urban Agenda

The WC2 network brings together international expertise on key urban issues including transport, global health, sustainability, business and global cultures. The Summer symposium will situate the WC2 network at the forefront of current global discussion regarding urban issues, by focusing on the New Urban Agenda. The New Urban Agenda will be the main goal of the UN conference, Habitat III to take place in Quito in October 2016. The New Urban Agenda is a tool for national governments, city administrations and a broad range of local urban stakeholders committed to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris climate outcomes and other global agendas.

The Summer symposium will take the Habitat III conference and its New Urban Agenda as an opportunity to debate the role of universities and academic institutions vis-à-vis the New Urban Agenda formulation and implementation – as independent think tanks, research and education resources and critical monitors of government and city-based policy making. The New Urban Agenda will have a major impact on the urban policy design for and within the cities where WC2 universities are situated. Most of our host cities have engaged in the preparations for the New Urban Agenda, directly, or through their membership of important city alliances such as C40, Metropolis, United Cities and Local Governments or Cities Alliance.

For more information about the New Urban Agenda: https://www.habitat3.org/the-new-urban-agenda
For more information about the WC2 network: http://www.wc2network.org